UCLA Mapshare: Support


General GIS Support

If you are working with ESRI products, the following resources are great places to find answers:

ATS Support for GIS

ATS no longer has a GIS consultant. For the foreseeable future ATS will provide help on a "best effort" basis to answer GIS inquiries. ATS will have access to consultants from ESRI to help with the most complicated issues. We have also created a small group to triage more routine problems and to help find the support you need. This group can be reached by submitting questions by email.

GIS Training

If you have purchased your ESRI license through UCLA's Software Central, ESRI's online courses are available to you. To access these online courses and events, contact SoftwareCentral@ats.ucla.edu.

GIS Software

GIS Data

The Mapshare Data Repository provides proprietary data to the UCLA community. To access Mapshare, you must be on a campus computer. If you are accessing the data remotely, you must use the BOL VPN.